Birchwood Veterinary Hospital

When Dr. Michael Murphy, an associate in Wisconsin, wanted to become a veterinary owner in South Carolina there was a lot of long-distance planning to do. Dr. Mark Crootof worked with Dr. Michael Murphy to make this transition as simple as possible. Dr. Michael Murphy now has a beautiful and efficient veterinary hospital to call his own.

  • Mark Crootof has helped make the transition from associate to owner as easy as possible. From the beginning, Mark showed us how we could take our current assets and use them to invest in a new business. He also helped evaluate two different possible practice locations and made our decision to move long distance much easier. As a result, our soon-to-open business is in a great facility in a fast growing community five states away from my former employment. Mark has been very reassuring throughout every phase of our project. He's been there for zoning issues and real estate purchase negotiation. He evaluated practice location, traveled to the building site, negotiated bank loans, found a competent CPA and local attorneys, and most importantly designed a beautiful floor plan for our new building. Mark also consulted with my builder/contractor on construction, sound and odor control, and other important issues for veterinary hospitals. He's always been available and no question is too small. In addition to everything above, what I've been most impressed with Mark Crootof is his insistence that the veterinarians he works with practice good quality medicine. He takes great pride in all the hospitals that he helps. I would recommend Mark to anyone interested in starting up on their own.

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