Meet Mark Crootof


    Dr. Crootof has worked with over 100 veterinarians across the country to help them successfully launch their own practices. He says he was able to help them because he spent over 20 years in the first part of his career making every mistake in the book. He says his goal now is to save you time, money, and pain by helping you avoid those same mistakes.

    Here is a list of his accomplishments:

    - Started multiple hospitals for himself, Designed & built aground up hospital for himself.

    - Helped sell many hospitals.

    - Started a luxury boarding facility and an emergency hospital.

    - Helped start a few combo Veterinary Hospital/Pet Resorts.

    - Feature writer and advisory board member for Veterinary Products News

    - Wrote for multiple other veterinary publications - Veterinary Business, and Veterinary Team Brief)

    - In VetPartners for 12 years (Sponsorship Chair and on Ethics Committee)

    - Board of Directors - North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC) 6 years

    - Chairman of the NAVC Hospital design program for 6 years- Helped create over 70 startup hospitals all over the US and in the Caribbean.

    - Lectured at over a dozen plus Veterinary Schools each year for over 10 years

    - Has given talks around the country for Merial (Frontline) and Abaxis, 20 cities (How to Recession Proof Your Business)

    - Has consulted on dozens of hospitals and helped them increase profitability.

    - Lectured in China and Canada on multiple business topics.

    - Practice management consultant for over 15 years.

    - Helping some mature Veterinary Hospitals sell to large corporations.