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Mark Crootof

Mark Crootof, DVM

Mark Crootof is a graduate of the University of Perugia Veterinary School and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. After purchasing a fifty-acre horse farm in†Upstate New York, he converted the main barn into a veterinary hospital, where he has been caring for small animals for over twenty years. In 1986, he converted another barn into Milton Manor Pet Spa and Resort, creating one of the first luxury dog and cat boarding facilities in the U.S.

Dr. Crootof bought the leasehold Upstate Veterinary Hospital in 1991. Quickly outgrowing the space, he designed and built a new hospital in 1997, and he sold the business and building in 2001.

After 20 years of taking emergencies, Dr. Crootof became a co-founder and co-designer of the Northway Animal Emergency Clinic in 2000. He spent 10 years on the board of directors.

When Dr. Crootof began consulting for veterinarians he continued to do what he does best, help others. Having a wealth of personal experience with startups, expansion and renovations, boarding facilities, and emergency clinics, Dr. Crootof realized his services could be better utilized assisting veterinarians.
In just a couple of years Crootof Veterinary Consulting became a full-time job and took Dr. Crootof to practices across the country. Dr. Crootof has worked as a practice management consultant and assisted in the creation of new hospitals†in New York, California, Massachusetts, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, South Carolina, Washington, Kansas, and Canada. Dr. Crootof speaks regularly at various veterinary schools on practice management issues and problems.

Over the past six years Dr. Crootof has devoted himself to his clients and helped them create the practice of their dreams. Dr. Crootof takes pride in his work and clients. Available 24 hours 7 days a week and 365 days a year, Dr. Crootof is right beside his clients for all their hurdles and achievements. "Watching my clients on Opening Day is incredibly rewarding," says Dr. Crootof, "if I didn’t love what I do, I wouldn’t be doing it."

Dr Crootof is on the AAHA Leadership Board, the Advisory Board of Veterinary Practice News, was a member of the AVPMCA (Chairman of the Sponsorship committee) and Vetpartners, where he was in charge of sponsorship for the organization for 10 years. He has been published in Veterinary Business Magazine, Veterinary Team Brief and Veterinary Practice News.

In 2008 Dr. Crootof was elected on the Board of Directors of the North American Conference, serving on the board for six years.

My passions are start up hospitals for young doctors, devoting myself to assisting in the creation a workable floorplan for facilities customized to meet the needs of its doctors and staff. I also love helping start luxury pet daycare and boarding facilities.

Interested in learning about boarding/daycare facilities?
Take a tour of my Nashville boarding facility, The Belmont Pet Resort and Daycare.