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Robert Spiegel

Robert Spiegel, DVM

Dr. Spiegel received his degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Perugia, Italy in 1983. After being an employee of other hospitals for a couple of years, he ventured out on his own. The journey began serving Hartford county, CT as a housecall practitioner back in 1985 (no cell phones!). His first clinic doors opened in 1987 and he has remained as a solo practitioner for all the years since. Dr. Spiegel designed and implemented a proprietary office management system with computerized medical records in 1989. He has been employing computers in the exam room setting and throughout the hospital ever since. His latest endeavor is to bring a state of the art web- based practice management system (VETport) into his current clinic. Client communication, work flow in the hospital, and efficiency in supply chain are all areas where you can expect great coaching from Dr. Spiegel.