Uptown Veterinary Associates

Located in NYC Uptown Veterinary Associates shows how careful planning and intelligent design can create a comfortable environment in a relatively small space. This two-doctor practice has a waiting area, receptionist desk, bathroom, doctor’s nook, pharmacy, and four exam rooms on the first floor, which is only 1,500 square feet.

Mark Crootof started as our consultant before we even had a physical space for our start-up, answering our endless questions with extreme patience. Once the space was chosen, he was instrumental in securing financing through a veterinary lender. The design process would have been impossible without Mark's insights and suggestions. Equipment purchases were another daunting and overwhelming task I could not have faced without Mark, as he is extremely knowledgeable and familiar with the diverse products and vendors. His negotiation skills were phenomenal. But mostly, Mark is available for even the smallest concerns, panic attacks, and has a most calming attitude even in the face of utter hysteria. After speaking to Mark, my blood pressure always dropped by at least 100 mm Hg!
Ina Obernesser